Lula, at the vanguard of her profession, leading the way for the evolution of music as an early adopter of an interactive midi controller (MiMu gloves); only way to describe her: ethereal artist in sound and aesthetic, one can not help but transcend. 

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prs-womenmakemusic-logotype-red-blue-rgb presents “From My Hands To Your Ears”. The debut EP is a window into a universe of liberated truths encapsulated within 3 songs (Dalston, Infectious, and Mars); a welcomed “Hello” from an artist who has been growing under the radar. Armed with a soulful timbre which carries the weight of her heritage (habesha, immigrant, black stardust, other…), she is helping to redefine the face & sound of electronic music. 


“From My Hands To Your Ears” is a sonic time capsule cataloguing a journey of the new age musical interface MiMu Gloves (a gestral instrument), which, as an early adopter, has been spearheading its development throughout her live performances these past 5 years. 


Recorded at Soundgas Studio, this is a live EP. Each track is recorded in one take. Vintage synthesisers, drum machines and vintage fx units are all controlled by using her MiMu gloves. It is the coming of age between past and present, analogue and digital, vintage and futuristic... 


“From My Hands To Your Ears” is a carefully constructed mosaic that pays homage to a creative process and musical ancestry that is bound to wet your appetite and take you on a journey through the jazzy streets of East London (Dalston), to New Orleans via a doo wop roadtrip to Mars into an Infectious a cappella between somewhere and nowhere.


"Gratefully acknowledge support from PRS for Music Foundation"

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