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I am...

Creative gypsy
Digital immigrant
Multidisciplinary artist
Sensory experience
Born in the sub-Saharan
Residing in NYLON
Traveling intergalactic planes

Through sound waves

I am an artist. I use technology to help me create art

I am one of less than 20 people, globally, who own to a pair of Imogen Heap's interative MiMu gloves and have backing as a Collaborator.

The demand for MiMu was great. it was the idea of LulaBOX that helped me win the bid against other creative’s.


Currently, there is only Chagall (who works for the company), Imogen Heap & Drake Music who are performing with this technology; all of whom have tech support and are not exploiting the full nature of its potential.

When I perform live without tech, audiences are engaged, yet performing with MiMu adds an additional visual element that compliments my ethereal sonic and physical nature (it enables me, and therefore the audience to transcend the standard conventions of performance, bringing them into a shared experience). When accompanied by visuals the audience will be able to physically feel things when I move my finger/hands/arm. Levels of engagement will increase exponentially.  They will feel as much a part of the show as myself; no longer passive spectators.  Rather than me performing to them, they becoming a part of a unique, living, musical expression and experience, in an age where experience, is the commodity

I'm a very creative person and can guarantee excursion of whatever I put my mind to. I've been selected by B3 Media's TalentLab initiative which has teamed me up with Nottingham MRL (Mixed reality Lab) for assistance with the tech requirements for my project LulaBOX. I created my first code 2016, during ‘Code Liberation’ that resulted in my work being exhibited at the V&A. I have just been selected by the Barbican for their Open Lab scheme to develop my project. There is a demand and an interest for the way I am working, and its garnering support from the industry and community. 

Acting Resume     


I received a Dance and drama award to study musical theatre at a trinity qualifying school [my first degree is in psychology].

I am the cast member of two upcoming plays pertaining to the subject of migration



I have been hosting for over 3 years now and building relationships. This last year, worked with Afropunk (a festival movement born in Brooklyn) whom I’m sure will be interested in my work and will help reach an audience of a different demographic to the usual Eurocentric art crowd

I have worked across the arts and as a result I think across platforms and have built relationships that way. Now, I would like to introduce to the world my artistry and give it a context to why it has developed the way it has & will continue to do so.

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