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Connection between performer & audience

Challenging the state of quo

An exchange, a collaborative immersive experience

Rebranding immigrant aesthetics, perception

Sharing a different idea of what or who an immigrant is

  • LulaBOX as a concept is something that can be reimagined in multiple spaces

  • Distribution of it is scalable.

  • The story is modular. LulaBOX is made up of multiple boxes (rooms). So, it can be taken apart and appropriate rooms can be inserted into other concepts as part of a group shows (for example: The Infinite Mix).

  • The story is timeless and with the onset of new technologies, it is a formate that can be evolving and developing

  • It will enable me to position myself in the market place akin to my predecessor Bjork

  • I will increase my audience engagement, participation, resulting in developing a core fan base of diverse demographic

  • I will have a show I can tour

  • It will give me new collaborators in the world of music

I recognise what I want to create is rather ambitious. If I was able to win the award with TalentLab, my collaborators and I will have the necessary support to workshop my ideas further and apply for more funding.

With the initial funding, I would get in the studio with Caroline and start working on getting MiMu to communicate with the bio/soft robotic materials. We would love some coding assistance. 


Winning this award would also give me access to other types of tech and technicians that might wanna collaborate with me to create weird and wonderful art that is immersive and ultimately challenge the way music and art is experienced.

There are more song to add to the world of LulaBOX, enough to make a full album  

Below are examples: coproduced with Twilight Tone. Theme: Immigrant Love (other worldly!)

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Love Song (co-produced w. Tone)

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Utopia (co-produced w. Tone)

Currently, Tone is working with Damian Albarnn. We created these tracks when I was in New York for a couple of month early 2016. I know he would be keep to finish these of if they were part if LulaBOX as imagined. A different kind of gig/exhibition :-)

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