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I am...

Creative gypsy
Digital immigrant
Multidisciplinary artist
Sensory experience
Born in the sub-Saharan
Residing in LONDON-ish
Traveling intergalactic planes

Through sound waves

It is obvious, man kind has already taken flight in search of the next habitable planet in the galaxy. Elon Musk has already revealed the developmental plans for a new city in Mars. Prepossed cost for a flight: £200,000


‘There is no space program for nigga’s’



The new immigrants will no longer be people from ‘third world countries’ they will be the people from a ‘third world planet’, earth.

When global warming has taken its course, all the raw materials on earth have been depleted and even the air we breath is limited, people will do whatever is necessary to migrate, cross the boarders by any means necessary for a better life.

Character: Immigrant

Part Bot (MiMu gloves),

Part Amazonian women & part alien

Immigrants are presented as a lot of derogative ideas. Using MiMu and other tech, I explore these esthetics

My main collaborator will be Caroline Zheng, a phd student Working with soft robotics, (background: fashion design & wearable tech). 

If audience/travers have been immersed in a water scene, when they come out of a VR experience, and take of their goggles, how can we make the room feel like this?

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