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ROOM 4: Multiscrene Lab

SONG - I'm Special


Immigrant children raise your head up high,

I’m talking to you all, cause your spore is from my land.

Don’t talk me for no fool, just because I smile

& No I wont bend over cause you said its fashion now


I’m special

He’s special,

Sorry if it makes you feel compromised

So special,

Its written in our eyes

Can’t bury the truth within a lie (no, no, no, no)


I see between the lines, its clear they told you lies

But now you took the lead and lost yourself in style

Forgetting who I am you tried to sacrifice

But like a phoenix, I rise and yeah, we rise…



(feature = sir the Baptist)


Louis Cato (musician from Tribe Called Quest recent album, Saturday Night Live & has toured with the likes Bobby McFairen) Ahnanse (from United Vibrations), Lemieu_x (previously produced for Artist Anderson Paak) , Ragz (producer for Skepta) have agreed to produce a track for this song. 

There will be an open call submission to the public to produce something for this track, that way, people from all over the world can potentially participate and be part of LulaBOX

This room will feel like a laboratory, filled floor to ceiling with old TV’s, different shapes and sizes. You listen to the track through headphones and can switch between different production versions of the song. 

When you are from another country, how you assimilate and make sense of the new world whilst retaining the old is an interesting journey and it’s a never-ending process. For me personally, it has been about creating a subculture. I live between two realities and am constantly creating a new world that sits above it all. Only way I can live in both reality’s, not lose where I came from to immerse myself in the new culture, I had to create a new world. A hybrid (if you will), that is constantly changing and evolving the more I introduce to it.

 Sir the Baptist has agreed to feature on this track. My voice is on the interlude for his album ‘Preachers son’ due to be release 2017. 

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