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ROOM 6: Video projection

What starts of as a single screen installation, quickly changes. During the screening, multiple screens gradually surround and enclose the space immersing/submerging the audience at the center, as an atmospheric response to the state of the unknown which is what the piece is about. A chase between conscious and unconscious thought, a battle between the will of subliminal thought, the struggle between worlds of the seen and unseen but always felt… the question of who is being chased and why is left open ended. Is it a dialogue about a big brother state? Did she get lost and now is being chased by some unsavory characters. The powerful soundscape that sounds almost otherworldly at times with intermittent cry’s from her to ‘reveal your self’, audience are left to wonder what happen to her, where is she…

Millions of people die in multiple way in transite (physically or mentally)

Please watch this video with headphones)

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