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Use technology to free information.

VR seems to take you on a cerebral experience, I would like to expand on this experience by getting the rest of the senses involved for a truly immersive experience. 

Essentially, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel but rather make it work better and be more effective and employ it in the art of telling untold stories

I obtained a pair of MiMu gloves, the brain child of Imogen Heap. It’s a prototype midi gestural glove.

The world of tech to date has felt a little bit inaccessible, unobtainable

The demand for MiMu was great. I had to put together a proposal of how and what I intended on using it for, it was the idea of LulaBOX that helped me win the bid against other creative’s. Currently, there is only Chagall (who works for the company), Imogen Heap & Drake Music who are performing with this technology; all of whom have tech support and are not exploiting the full nature of its potential.


LulaBOX is an Alice and wonderland approach to story telling. It’s the pandora’s box of an immigrant experience. A sequence of songs tell the story of a girl searching for home, the exploration/presentation of these soundscape/sonic scripts/monologue/inner dialogue across multiple platforms enables us to be able to experience the narrative, within the context of the multiple realities that coexist within that one moment. You get a sense of what has led her here.

A 'world' encased with multiple rooms (that can be dissected to work as stand alone installation with a group exhibition like The Infinite Mix) that are audio/visual/tech migration experience

Pandora's Box

A multi sensory audiovisual artwork for an untitled concept EP/Album/sequence of songs. It is a weird, wonderful assortment of installations featuring sonic plant life, interactive space, live music, physical theater. It’s neither art exhibition nor film presentation nor tech demonstration, but a hodgepodge of all and none of the above simultaneously.

  • Digital Collage of thoughts, questions, experiences pertaining to migration

  • Tech driven multimedia environment which allows you to experience, interact and create

  • Immersive film/theatre/art/music

  • A serious of songs (about a quest that take you through a journey of migration)

  • Merging/blurring the lines between virtual reality and reality

  • Visceral experience

  • Stories about a child in a lost night

   I don't know who pandora was, but my name is Lula

This is my box  

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